7 Tips for the perfect yearbook photo 

Own it: Let your personality shine! Show your expression: Are you a class clown or bookworm? Smile with your eyes: Eyes are the window to your soul. Highlight your features: Simple clothing works best! Be yourself: Rock your everyday hairstyle! Chose the right photo: Closer images work better. Have fun: This experience only happens once!

South Milwaukee High School Deadline: Friday, November 15th, 2019 

Schedule Appointments in the Summer, before the school year begins if possible.

It is best to get Senior Photos taken before October 15th to ensure your photographer has ample time to get the images retouched and submitted to the school in time to meet the deadline.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Schedule photos to be taken over the summer so that you can be certain the photo you want will be in the senior section of the yearbook. 
  • Photos can be any size, glossy or matte, color or black & white, but cannot be smaller than 2 X 3. 
  • Photos can be turned in to the main office or to Ms. Swanson in room 2206. 
  • They may be submitted either on a CD, flash drive, or as a hard copy. 

Watch out for the Following:

  • Late submissions cannot be accepted.  
  • If the yearbook does not receive a senior portrait for a student, the student's school ID photo will be used in the yearbook. If your ID photo is not the photo you want used in the yearbook, then be sure to plan ahead and submit an alternate photo.  
  • The yearbook will not use an ID photo in which the part of the face is covered. 
  • If the student neither submits a photo nor has a school ID photo taken, the student will be omitted from the senior section of the yearbook.  

Baby pictures and quotes are optional

  • Clearly label all photo prints with your name so they can be returned to you
  • Senior quotes for the class of 2020 will be accepted ONLY through a Google Form which will be made available to seniors in November. The first response submitted will be the only one accepted.
  • Any inappropriate or offensive quotes will be rejected.
  • Due to deadline constraints, you may not be notified about the rejection of your quote, so choose it wisely.