7 Tips for the perfect yearbook photo 

Own it: Let your personality shine! Show your expression: Are you a class clown or bookworm? Smile with your eyes: Eyes are the window to your soul. Highlight your features: Simple clothing works best! Be yourself: Rock your everyday hairstyle! Chose the right photo: Closer images work better. Have fun: This experience only happens once!

St Francis High School Deadline: Friday, October 18th, 2019 

Schedule Appointments in the Summer, before the school year begins if possible.

It is best to get Senior Photos taken by September 15th to ensure your photographer has ample time to get the images retouched and submitted to the school in time to meet the deadline.

Submission Guidelines:

  •  Use traditional background
  • Portrait should be focal point, not the background. It is highly recommended that head and shoulders are the main feature.
  • Digital Photos are preferred (jpeg, jpg, tiff, pdf)
  • File resolution: 300 DPI (minimum)
  • Crop size: minimum 2.25" wide x 3" height  

The following is Not Acceptable:

  • Print overlays (name, 2020)
  • Black and White Photos
  • Attire not consistent with school dress code

No senior photos will be accepted after the deadline! Deadlines for senior photos coincide with publication deadlines and cannot be changed!

School pictures will be takes in the fall, but you are not required to use the photo supplied by St Francis for your yearbook. However, photo must be taken for your student ID and back-up photo for yearbook.  

Warning: If you do not supply a senior photo of your own or if that photo does not meetthe requirements outlined here, the school ID picture will be used. The staff reserves the right to reject photos and/or ask seniors to make changes to conform to the set standards.  

Quote Requirements

  • Senior Quotes must be 20 words or under 
  • Cite famous quotes (like who said them) if not using your own wording.
  • Quotes must be appropriate and tasteful
  • Email senior quotes along with senior picture